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NEW options coming soon!

I had dreams of spending the first week of January whipping up new ideas to add to my workshops, and I did get a solid start! I am soooo excited to soon offer 3 new practical projects for your own home or to give as gifts.

A working lazy susan centerpiece is one of the projects. I have the hardware and materials, now I just need to decide how to add it to the website and what designs to offer with it. I'm debating between creating a separate page just for those, or if they just get added to everything else in the workshops tab. Also, This piece I think for sure needs a good coat of a protective sealant on it. So now it's time for me to take a poll. Do I include a take home kit to do so and factor that into the price, or do most people have such a product in their homes?

The next project is a serving tray. The materials are ready for that as well. Another thing to add to the website!

Celebration sign and materials are also coming to my workshops! But there are loose end details I need to think through. But that will be an easy one to get added to the website.

And finally....FRAMES. I have wanted to add frames for MONTHS now but can't figure out how to get that added to the website. Do I go into each item and add it, or add it as a product that is added to the cart as an additional product.

These are the details that float around in my head. :)

But first I need to sort through my 2017 expenses and get paperwork ready for taxes. UGH. I'd rather craft. :) :)


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