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And then there was HELP!

I have a create a social setting where ladies can network, laugh, share stories, support each other, all of that, while following a process to paint a sign.

A few years ago when I moved to Humboldt, Iowa, I felt a hole. I was getting to know faces of the other attendees at Bible Studies but the leaders kept on topic and respected the time allocated for the study. There was very minimal chit-chat and downtime in that setting. I was lonely. I was seeing people weekly but not having conversations with them.

I came across the concept of a "paint party" and bounced it off my MN friends. I'm a researcher. I dig in, read, learn, try, read some more. That's how it started. I drove to MN to try this concept out on them. I really believed it could help create that opportunity for relationships to grow, to set the stage for ladies to talk and have a different break from their normal. And the perk: they would go home with a project that they could be proud to claim as their own or to give as gift. It was also my goal to provide a reasonable range of price options as that is a subject near to my heart. (Any team Dave Ramsey friends here?)

I'm proud to say that it's been a process and I continually am learning. How I do my parties back then aren't how I do them now. And if all goes to plan, there will be mega changes in the next 5 weeks again in how I do them. (Can't WAIT to announce that!)

Back to topic, I have plans to create even more opportunities for you ladies.

L to R: Vickie, Desiree, Wendy

But there's only one of me and it's important that I also be a mom to my kids before I blink and see they are gone. I am thrilled to announce that I now have HELP!! I have two wonderful ladies that are coming alongside me to help you have a great experience at my workshops.

The next party you book you may have one of them be the lead teacher so I can be the mom of a cross country runner, or the mom of a basketball player in the stands.

What a calming peace I have about this and these ladies. Please book your group of friends, small group friends, civic club groups, work team bonding, family events, you name it, with us. I'm happy to host your event. Or we can travel to you.


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