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Being Different

I reflected a lot this week. In my Bible study material for this week, it referred to how, as God's people, we are called to be different, and gave examples of how that looks. In another bible study I'm in, we talked about the ten commandments and how we can honor God. It's amazing to me how I can know this stuff, but yet I often leave it as head knowledge and not have the actions to always show it. This is an area I want to be obedient in.

As my painting business grows I have people trying to find dates and times that work best for their friends/family. Often, the emptiest day to accommodate so many people is a Sunday. It really is a great day for many to get out of the house, to not be rushed out the door after coming home from work or a sports thing for the kiddos or a day filled with school events. As much as I want to earn money to buy my dream piano, I realize what is more important. At our house, it's a day filled with church and family and more church activities. A day where we can learn more about God and enjoy the fellowship of others. It's important to us, and it's possibly what makes us be different from other families. Unfortunately for some guests, this means I won't be readily available for painting events on Sundays. I'm a people pleaser, always trying to keep the peace and find a way to make everyone happy. Kinda hard for me to be so forward in a blog post about this, that Sunday's likely won't be an option on my calendar.

I lost a friend to cancer this week, a gal I've known for 18ish years. She was positive in her fight, never letting on how ill she was and how she only had 3 months to live. Maybe she herself didn't even know. She was always encouraging us to "be grateful for your life, for waking up every day. Smile for, hug for and tell your loved ones that you love them daily. May God be with me every day and with you."

I hold her words very close to my heart. Rest in Peace Wendy.

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