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This past December was know how it goes, because everyone's December is crazy! On Dec. 5 I made a hard decision to turn away baking orders. So hard because I love baking for others, but I wanted the time to make cookies & treats for gifts and family. Well that turned out to be a joke, because working the workshop business went into overtime hours. I kept taking on more workshops and I never even got to turn the oven on. The upside is, I had a great time meeting new people and growing that business. Someday I will be able to buy my grand piano (if I stop spending money to grow my business!) and I will cry tears of pure happiness for a dream come true.

With the workshop growth, that means everywhere I look, I see vinyl! See, before guests get their stencil, it is prepped for them. This often takes more time than I have, and I appreciate my friend that helps me with this process. It's a sticky, tedious process that needs to be done carefully. Later I often see I have tiny pieces or strips of vinyl stuck on my sock or on my skin. I've seen it on the floor of my shower. Sometimes it's in my vehicle. It's everywhere! Makes me smile because this is my life, and I love it!

Before I look ahead and set goals for 2018, I want to take a look in the rearview mirror and appreciate 2017. I was so sure that moving my business was going to set me back. And it did for a few months. It took time to remodel our home for the workshop space, and it did take time to meet people and get the word out that I am now in Algona. It is important for me to recognize that the result of a dedicated space was well worth the wait and break in business.

I appreciate the ladies that are a part of my team, so much! I'd like to grow my team to include someone to sand the wood for me. If you know of anyone.....that's a goal of mine for 2018.

It takes excellence and due diligence to develop a talent. I heard that on a podcast. I'd like to think this has been me while on this venture. This hasn't happened overnight, nor has it been a solo journey. I've relied on input from others, gut feelings, prayers, patience from family and friends. My gut says this will be like a direct sales phase, where it's popular for a period of time, and then there will be another concept that will be a hot idea. I just pray that I can ride it out long enough to earn my piano (and violin) before the market is saturated with others that want to start their own workshop business. On the other hand, as my team has said, I have sunk way too much money into this for it to be too short of a phase. :) Only they truly realize all of the behind the scenes time and work that goes into each event. May the Lord always direct my path for His will to be done.

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