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This rectangular welcome mat has a slip-resistant sturdy vinyl backing for added security.

  • Dimensions: 18"W x 29"L
  • Traps dust and dirt
  • Material: Vinyl blend
  • Imported


IMPORTANT:  This item has two prices.  The bargain lower price of $27 is if this project is IN ADDITION to your sign project.  This is my way of saying THANKS for partying with me!  This is a quick project to do while your background paint dries on your sign.  The higher price of $39 is if this is the only item you will be doing, or are attending a rug-only workshop.


The durability of this item is dependent on several factors such as sun, weather, and foot traffic use.  You may have a great rug for a season, a year, or longer!    The PERFECT gift for the person that has it all!


Deer with Antlers Customized

  • Can't decide which design to do at the workshop or getting together with just a few people for a weekend away?  For no extra fee to you, everything you need to complete a project is included in the Take It & Make It Expereince Kit.   Do a project in your pajamas if you want! 


    Read more about it here.



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