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Cookies, cakes, anything in the kitchen, piano, violin, wall sign art, stainless steel tumblers, custom gifts and more!  I have a variety of interests and love them all.    I started taking music lessons at the age of 5 and continued through college.  I love to dig in, research, and learn new things.  I love activities that involve being with people. 

If you are a crafter at heart, or just love to get out and hang with the ladies for a few hours, check out my Workshops page where you can see pics of my painting parties in action!  Painters can also prep their own t-shirt to take home.  See this tab to register:  Vickie's Creative Designs and Parties.  I post recent pics of workshops in my FB group.

For you thirsty and/or sparkly people, I now offer glitter your own cup parties called Glitz your Sip.  Once I started making tumblers, you asked if I'd be offering them as a party option.  I experimented and created a new activity that you all love.  I named it Glitz Your Sip and wrote an e-book teaching other tumbler makers how to do what I've learned.  That download is available for sale here.  In the past year over 500 cups have gone out the door.   You don't need to attend a party to order a cup.  You can order online on the Tumbler Page.


If you need an activity for all ages, consider hosting a fondant cake-decorating party in my venue or I can possibly go to you.  A to-go option are my fun Paint-Your-Own Art Cookies that are a tasty and fun activity for everyone.   Vickie's Super Secret Recipes & Parties.

If you need a custom gift for your own wall or to give as a friend, or perhaps a new t-shirt to wear around town, visit the SHOP to place your order.   (From time to time I need to close the shop to personal orders when I am backed up with a baking order and workshop events.)

If it's music lessons that you want more information about, read about that here.

For the Vickie's Botanicals, the spot to order luxury bath bombs and shower steamers, click here.


In the July/August edition of Women, Inc. I was featured.  Read about it here.

I'm a child of God, a humbled believer of Christ's grace, a wife, and mom to three kids.  I enjoy fellowship with my sisters in Christ, meeting new people, and doing various Bible studies.   

I'm hoping this site allows me to organize some of my interests so that I can easily connect with my customers and friends.  It's a little overwhelming to describe to people  that I meet all that I love to do.   Overwhelming and sometimes a tad embarrassing.  Sometimes I like to think to myself that maybe it's possible that I'm a very distant cousin to Martha Stewart.

For now, these are some of the things that make up the variety in my day that God has given me the physical ability and desire to do, and I am grateful.  

   - Vickie

Algona, Iowa

Variety is Great

I have decided that I must live to embarrass my oldest daughter
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I am not taking on any new cookie orders, but I DO have about 17 packages of either caramel or frost
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