Approximately 24"x9" from pine wood, this is a special keepsake sign to admire for years to come.  Now you can easily remember the dates of your loved ones at a glance.  The edges have a finished, routered edge, and the back has a keyhole slot so your sign will always hang in balance, no matter which end may be heavier with disks.


Your project includes 5 heart and 30 round disks.   Most people use a fine sharpie marker or paint pen to write the name and date on each disk.     If you want painted disks, at the event you will be able to select one paint color to put into a container for you to leave with, so that you can paint them later in your home.   At a workshop we don't have the table space or time to accomodate painting them during the event.  Taking them home to finish is my work-around plan.  Also, some prefer the natural look, it is competely up to you and you can decide at the event if you want them natural or painted.  


Additional sets of 2 hearts and 10 round disks are available for $3 each. 


This is the PERFECT gift for the moms and special people in your life, as well as for on your own wall to stay organized throughout the year.   I am just thrilled to offer this unique project at my workshops!

Celebration Birthday Anniversary Sign - Personalized

  • Can't decide which design to do at the workshop or getting together with just a few people for a weekend away?  For no extra fee to you, everything you need to complete a project is included in the Take It & Make It Experience Kit.   Do a project in your pajamas if you want! 


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